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How to choose suitable crops for the garden?

In order to make the right choice of plants for your garden or garden, you need to know:

• in what soil-climatic zone your site is located, what are its average annual temperatures (their minimum and maximum), are there droughts in your places?

• soil features on the site;

• security of the site with light and moisture;

• whether you can artificially satisfy some specific needs of plants, if the natural conditions of your site do not meet their needs. In other words, it is necessary to answer those questions that have already been considered above. Remember: a significant part of the varieties of garden crops was bred specifically for certain climatic conditions (zoning varieties).

In climatic zones with low temperatures and a short warm period, as a rule, quickly ripening varieties are grown – others simply do not have time to fully develop, while in the southern regions the "northern" varieties feel bad because of the heat and are constantly suffering from drought. And if, thanks to greenhouses and greenhouses, the culture for which the determining factor is heat-loving can be “fooled”, then it is extremely difficult to influence some other conditions, and often it is simply impossible.

Therefore, when choosing a cultivated plant variety, one should first of all be interested in which of the regions it was taken for. The more the conditions on the site differ from those customary for the culture, the more efforts to care for it have to be made. Based on this, make a list of crops and their varieties that you not only want, but can successfully grow on your plot. Separately, highlight those that require greenhouses or greenhouses, and specify which of their varieties are specifically for your region. The rest can be achieved by simple placement, it is not necessary to grow a shade-loving culture in a sunny place, and a sun-loving crop – under the canopy of the crowns of fruit trees.

Attention! Where the expression “culture as a whole” stands, it means the totality of all its varieties combined. If it is said that cabbage or potatoes can be grown in almost all regions, this means that some of their varieties are capable of producing crops, for example, in the tundra zone, and others in arid southern areas, but each individual variety can be successfully cultivated only in limited a set of regions.

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