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Family umbrella. The biannual plant, is especially appreciated the high content of the carotene which is transformed in a human body to vitamin A and also a set of other useful substances. Valuable dietary product.

• Requirements to the soil. Neutral or subacidic soils, it is the best of all — lungs sandy, but rich (enriched) with humus; the minimum width of the cultivated layer of 10 — 15 cm.

• Requirements to humidity. Moderately hygrophilous plant, prefers frequent and plentiful waterings. The lack of moisture has an adverse effect on tastes of a root crop — they become rough, ligneous, however at surplus of waterings (constant remoistening of the soil) probability is high that carrots will begin root crops will decay, besides, to burst therefore it is carried to plants with a moderate vlagolyubivost. On sites with excess moistening and too thin occupation layer it is desirable to cultivate on ridges.

• Requirements to light. A long-day plant, except for it there are no special requirements to lighting, does not grow only in a deep shadow.

• Cultivation temperatures. The frigostable plant, seeds sprout at a temperature of 3 — 4 °C, shoots maintain frosts up to-4 "to S. Zhar transfers badly, under the influence of too high temperatures stops growth.

• Geographical restrictions at cultivation on zones and regions. For culture in general there are practically no restrictions, but in the southern regions it is possible to cultivate the grades which are exclusively zoned for them.

• Grades. There are several tens of thousands of grades and hybrids of carrots, most of them is dated for certain climatic zones and regions. Also they differ in maturing terms, the increased carotene content { Canada, RZ Carotene, the Olympian), resistance to diseases and wreckers [Aolyanka, Koral, Nuance, Perfektion) or to a tsvetushnost ( Lydia, Losinoostrovsky, Mikulovsky, Nantskaya4, the Totem, Shantene). Many have various form of root crops drawn to ovoid and truncated and cone-shaped.

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